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Family Daycare is a child care option that runs through a qualified educators home, instead of a purpose build centre. It’s an intimate option – catering for only 4 children under 5 years old and usually has one consistent educator. Family Daycare hours can be flexible and can be an option for overnight and weekend care. Most Family Daycares are registered through a scheme. They are accredited through the Department of Education and are eligible for Government rebates. They usually run on an Hourly Rate. They are monitored heavily on safety and following policies and procedures. Family Daycares follow the Early Years Learning Framework and have available programs of your child’s day or week, learning and developmental summaries through the year and follow all Department requirements.

Nannies are a more personal option for childcare. They usually care for one family at a time, and will work with the amount of children you have. Nannies are generally flexible with hours and days  and provide care to fit in with your lifestyle. They usually come to you and care for your children from your home, and will also often do school pick ups, outings and various directions you may require. Nannies usually end up like a part of your family and get to know your children well, they can offer learning opportunities similarly and there’s more room for one – on – one time. Pricing depends heavily on experience, children in the family, requirements, hours and location. Nannies can be eligible for Government Rebates if criteria is met. 

Child Care Centres are run in a purpose-built environment. They cater for larger groups of children, most often separated by age. Childcare Centres can either be large or small, the average centre caters for approximately 100 children a day. Each room has a Lead Educator and an assistant – sometimes more if the ratio demands. There is a continuous flow of staff if one is absent for reliability. Most centres do not open from evening, overnight or on weekends. Centres mostly charge a singular Day Rate. They follow the Early Years Learning Framework and are accredited through the Department of Education. They complete programs daily or weekly and offer learning and developmental summaries on your child. They are strictly monitored to follow safety and policies and procedures. They are eligible for Government rebates.

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